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Our Mission:

Green Eyed Devils is a veteran owned and operated community which sets out to provide support for all current, past and future service members, and to produce products conducive to a patriotic way of life.

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Advisors Statement:

We understand that those wanting to join the SOF community are usually high drive individuals looking for the most authentic information available. Well, here it is. Sign up to be member and gain direct access to our advisors from across the SOF community. The information doesn't get any more authentic than this.  

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daily fitness

Workout Tuesday

Tuesday: 8:00 AMRAP x5 DL @moderate weight x30 DU (double unders) or 90 single jump rope Rest 5:00 8:00 AMRAP 5 pull ups 10 Burpee box jump over 24...

Muscular Endurance Week 4 Day 5

Dynamic Warmup (10 min) Thruster - 4x12 Deadlift - 4x15 KB RDL - 3x15 BB Curl + Skullcrusher - 12 + 12 Incline DB curl - 4x15 Dips - 3x15; add weig...

Muscular Endurance Week 4 Day 2

Dynamic warmup Good Mornings - 2x15; lightweight Back Squat + Box Jump - 4x12 + 10 BJ/set; 24" box KB Box Step-Ups - 4x15; complete first leg befo...

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