“We’re happy to announce that after a year of trying to keep up with orders, our small ass company is being forced to expand, thanks to all of you supporting the community. During the intermission, we will still have our ready-to-ship products and fitness packages available, but all else will be put on hold. We will keep you posted with details regarding the transition via social media, and as always, much thanks for all the support. We’re grateful to have a community like ours and supporters like you.”

De-Load week

Now that the hypertrophy cycle is complete, we will transition to preparing for the next phase, Muscular Endurance. With that being said, a well deserved De-load week is meant to give you a little freedom to work on technique or to perform lifts you haven’t performed in awhile. Be prepared for 15-20 rep sets at around 50-70% of your usual max. Crush it!

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