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Hypertrophy Week 2 Day 1

Week 2 of 4 for this cycle. We are going to be following a Lower Body/Push-Pull type split every other day. Don't lose your motivation and intensity during these higher volume/lower weight weeks. The heavy sets will come after this cycle.

Lower Body - 60-90 sec rest/set

Pause Back Squat(3 sec) + Iron Mike - 3x8+5 Iron Mike/leg each set.

Leg Press - 4x12

Hamstring Curls - 4x10

Standing Calf Raises - 3x12

Box Jump (30") - 4x8

Single Arm KB Swing - 3x10


KB or DB Russian Twist - 2x20 (2-count)

Sit-ups(fingers interlocked behind head) - 2x25

Hanging Leg Raises 2x15

Static stretch (10-20 min)



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