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Hypertrophy Week 4 Day 1

This is the final week of the Hypertrophy Cycle. I hope it has been given you the muscular growth and gains that it was designed for. Remember, training is only 1/3 a program; you can't neglect proper nutrition/recovery.  Crush it, guys! 



Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Lower Body - 60-90 sec rest/set

Tempo Back Squat - 4x8

BB Box step ups - 3x10 each leg; perform reps on one leg before moving to other

BB RDL - 4x12

Leg Extension - 3x12

Hamstring Curl - 3x12

Sled Push - w/ 3 45# plates on sled, perform 4x150m sled pushes


Wall Ball Squat Toss + Burpee - 8 min AMRAP; Start with 1 WBST + 1 Burpee, add 1 rep of each/set. Continue Ladder until time cap is reached.

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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