Muscular Endurance Week 1 Day 1

Muscular Endurance: high volume/moderate intensity. This cycle is not intended to help you gain muscular size, but rather help your muscles become more dense and able to withstand higher lactate thresholds. Stick to this 4 micro cycle and you will notice an increased stamina to higher rep ranges. Also, more MetCons.

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

DB Bench - 3x15

DB Incline Bench - 3x15

Lat Pulldown - 4x15

Hammer Strength Row - 3x15

Decline Push-ups - 5x20; rest as needed

Unweighted Pull-ups - 4x10; rest as needed

Sit-ups - 5x20


Clean + Box Jump (24") - a. 6 min ladder; 1 clean + 1 BJ, 2 clean + 2 BJ, etc.                                                    RX:135#, Scaled:95#

                                               b. 2 min break

                                               c. 6 min ladder; start at highest number of     cleans+BJ and work your way back down.

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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