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Muscular Endurance Week 1 Day 2

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Back Squat - 3x20; light to moderate. take your time on the 20 reps

Seated DB Press - 4x15

Incline DB  Curls - 3x12 each

Skullcrushers - 4x15

Lateral Raise + Front Raise - 3x10 each

DB Reverse Fly - 3x15

Barbell Complex

a. 40 reps; 8x Bent Over Row, 8x Hang Clean, 8x Push Press, 8x Hang Clean, 8x Bent Over Row.

b. Do not set the BB down until complex complete; recommend using hookgrip

c. repeat 3 times with 3-5 min rest. RX: 135#/Scaled: 95#

Static stretch (10-20 min)


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