Muscular Endurance Week 3 Day 2

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Seated DB Military Press - 4x12

Straight Bar Front Raise - 4x15

DB Lateral Raise - 4x15 

Seated Incline DB Front Raise - 3x12

Shoulder Complex

a. Grab a Barbell and load the prescribed weight (RX: 135#/ Scaled: 95#)

b. Perform 8x Bent Over Rows, 8x Hang Cleans, 8x Push Press, 8x Hang Cleans, 8x Bent Over Row. All without setting the bar down. Preferred grip is the Hook Grip

c. Rest 5 minutes

d. Perform Shoulder Complex x3 times


Sprint - 6x400m; 1:1 work/rest ratio (i.e. 2 min run=2 min rest)

Static stretch (10-20 min)


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