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Muscular Endurance Week 4 Day 2

Dynamic warmup

Good Mornings - 2x15; lightweight

Back Squat + Box Jump - 4x12 + 10 BJ/set; 24" box

KB Box Step-Ups - 4x15; complete first leg before moving to next.

Leg Press - 2x15

Reverse Hyperextension - 3x20

Calisthenic Pyramids

Pull-Ups -

a. Each Pull-Up = 10 sec rest.

b. start with 1 PU and take 10 sec rest, 2 PU/20 sec rest, etc.

c. go as high as you can go until reaching muscle failure, then go back down from highest reps completed.

Push-Ups -

a. Each Push-Up = 2 sec rest

b. Same as PU pyramid, except do sets in 5 increments (5,10,15,etc.)

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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