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Muscular Endurance Week 1 Day 5

This workout will conclude Week 1. As you can see, the reps/set are much higher, therefore you will need to stay in the 50-65% range for the sets. Going any higher and you will sacrifice form and risk injury. Get some good recovery this weekend to prepare for Week 2.  



Dynamic warmup (10 min)


Deadlift 4x15

KB RDL - 4x12

KB Snatch - 3x15/arm

Seated Row - 4x15

BB Bench + Push-up - 3x12 + 10 Push-up/set

Standing Single Arm DB Press - 3x12/arm

Assisted Handstand - 5x :45 hold; :30 rest/set


Pull-up + KB Swing + Sit-Up - 10 min AMRAP; 3 PU + 6 KB Swing(3/arm) + 9 SU.

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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