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Strength Cycle Week 1 Day 1

Hey guys, It’s Cion (IG:cion_mg), one of the admins on this site. Its my pleasure to be taking over the daily fitness blog for the next 12 weeks. Get ready for a strength cycle that closely matches what I am doing each training day. The workouts will be barbell/bodyweight based, so if you don’t have a gym, feel free to contact me for modifications! Alright, onto day 1:

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Back Squat - work up to 3 x 5 (80% of 1RM)

Bench Press - work up to 4 x 8 (75% 1RM)

Lat Pull Down - 4 x 10 AHAP

Burpees - 5 x 20; 2 min break between sets

Row/Assault Bike/SkiErg/Run (whatever you have): 30/:30 work/rest; 10 rounds

Static stretch (10-20 min)

Crush it!


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  • Are you updating the next cycle for 2/5?

    Aaron Durant

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