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Strength Cycle Week 11 Day 4

Dynamic warmup (10 min)


Pause Front Squat - work up to 5x3; moderate, with a 3-sec pause at the bottom

BB Box(20") Step-ups - 3x10 each leg; moderate weight, do one leg before moving to other

Behind the Neck Strict Press(snatch grip) - 5x5; light to moderate. focus on form.

Curls + Skullcrushers(w/ curl bar) - 3x8+8; moderate weight

Weighted+Unweighted Sit-ups - 4x25; w/ 25# plate, try to reach 25 sit-ups. if you burn out before you hit 25, drop the plate and finish the set unweighted. Continue for 4 sets.


Med Ball Slams(20#) + Farmers Carry(35# each hand) - 8 rnds; Med ball slams for :30, followed by Farmers Carry's for :30, no rest in between.

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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