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Strength Cycle Week 2 Day 4

Today we are going to do some clean and jerk. If you lack the mobility to get in a full clean, substitute for a power clean. You can perform any variation of the jerk; the intent is to get the barbell in a solid overhead position.

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Clean & Jerk - 2x2 @ 50%, 1x2 @ 60%, 2x1 @70%, 1x1 @ 80%, 5x1 @ 82.5%

DB Bench Press - 4x8 AHAP

Walking Lunges(DB's or Kettlebells) - 2 x 10 each leg; 50lb Dumbbells

DB Lateral Raises - 3x10; 10-20lb dumbbells

Pull-ups - 3x10

Row - 3x500m row; 1:1 work/rest ratio

Static Stretch (10-20 min)

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