Strength Cycle Week 6 Day 1 MAX OUT WEEK

So now that you've had your de-load week, we are going to max out a lift each training day this week. *Disclaimer* Do not ego lift. If you use proper form and can truly push to a max, do it. Otherwise you are asking for injury. Stay safe!

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Deadlift - 1x3 @ 50%, 1x3 @ 60%, 1x2, 70%, 1x1 @ 80%, build to a max!

Bench Press - work up to 5x3; heavy weight

Single arm KB Snatch - 3x6; 16kg KB or heavier

Lat Pulldown - 3x8; moderate to heavy

Unweighted Dips -  3x12

Sled Push or Farmer's carry(50m) - 180# on sled or 45# in each hand Farmer's Carry

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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  • Loved this workout today guy, hit 495lb deadlift with no straps or belt. The rest was great follow up!

    Josiah Edwards

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