Strength Cycle Week 6 Day 5 MAX OUT WEEK

Today will be leg dominant and prepare to find your new 1RM for back squat! Also, head over to our Fitness Section and click on "Other Shit" to purchase some of our new thumb tape!

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Back Squat - 2x3 @ 50%, 1x3 @ 60%, 1x2 @ 70%, 1x1 @ 80%, build to a max!

DB Front Raise - 3x10; moderate

DB Lateral Raise - 3x10; moderate

KB Walking Lunges(at least 35# per hand) - 2x12 each leg

Single Leg KB RDL - 3x8 per leg(finish first leg before moving to other); heavy

Box Jumps(24" or 30") + Burpees - 6 rnd EMOM; 8 BJ/5BPs

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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