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Strength Cycle Week 7 Day 1

We will continue to go heavy this week but stay under 85% for a higher set/rep week. Good luck!

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Pause FS(3 sec) - 1x5 @ 50%, 2x4 @ 60%, 1x3 @ 70%, 4x3 @ 80%

Push Press - 3x5 @ 80%

BB Glute Bridge - 3x10; with 185# or as heavy as you can go.

Single Arm KB thrusts - 4x10 each arm; 16kg or more

Wall Handstand Alt. Shoulder Taps - 3x15 each hand

Row - 2x1000m; 1:1/2 work/rest cycle (i.e. 2 min row means 1 min rest)

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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