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Strength Cycle Week 9 Day 1

Now that you're volume week is over, its time to get back into some heavier lifting!

Dynamic warmup (10 min)

Back Squat (1 pause + 2 normal reps) - 2x1+2 @ 50, 2x1+2 @ 60, 1x1+2 @ 70, 3x1+2 @ 75

Bench Press - 2x5, 1x3, 2x2, 3x1; Increase weight each time you decrease reps.

Incline Bench Press - 3x5; heavy

Lat Pulldown - 1x10, 1x8, 3x5; Increase weight with each set.

Sled Push (3x45 plates) or Run - Sled: down and back x 4(whatever your gym length allows) Run: 3x400m; 1:1/5 work:rest (i.e. 2 min run=1 min rest) 

Static stretch (10-20 min)

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