Strength Cycle Week 9 Day 4

We've been focusing on heavy lifting over the weeks; It's time to start cycling Plyo's into the programming.

Dynamic warmup (10 min)


Front Squat - work up to a 5RM; do 5x3 of that 5RM (i.e. 5RM=275#, do 5 sets of 3 reps @ 275#.

BB Bent Over Row - 3x8; heavy (135#-185#)

Weighted Pull-ups (25#) - 5x3

Row/Burpee - 10rnd EMOM; Row; at top of every minute, perform 3 burpees; continue rowing.

PLYO's (complete everything X2)

Tuck Jump - 2x10

Broad Jump - 2x10

Box Toe Touch - 2x10 (each leg)

Clapping Push-Up - 2x10

Plank 2x1 min

Static Stretch (10-20 min)

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