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Warm up:
Row (slow) or job (slow) 250m
10 minutes or 3 rounds of
10 air squats 
10 push up
10 walking lunges
10 light Russian kettle bell swings
Then: Back Squat warm up 5-7 mins
3 back squats with just the bar (good form)
3 back squats with little weight (good form)
2 back squat with same weight (good form)
back squat- 5x@50%, 5x@55%, 5x@60%;
rest 2-3 min b/t sets (% are the percentage of 1 rep max weight. If 1rm is not known start light and work to moderate load.)
B1. 10 ring dips; rest 20 sec

B2. 7-10 pull ups (strict if possible) ; rest 90 sec x3

For Time:
box jumps
standing press - DB's (light weight)
Cool Down: 200 meter walk, 15 minutes of dynamic shoulder to chest to thigh/hip stretching. Roughly 30 seconds per stretch

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