“We’re happy to announce that after a year of trying to keep up with orders, our small ass company is being forced to expand, thanks to all of you supporting the community. During the intermission, we will still have our ready-to-ship products and fitness packages available, but all else will be put on hold. We will keep you posted with details regarding the transition via social media, and as always, much thanks for all the support. We’re grateful to have a community like ours and supporters like you.”


Warm up: 
200 m run (once)
10 mins or 3 rounds:
10 air squats
10 walking lunges
10 situps
Back squat warm up: 15 bs with just the barbell, slow and controlled down; x2
Back squat; 5x@70, 5x@80, 3x@90; rest 2-3 min b/t sets


B1.10 Turkish get ups (5 each side); rest 20 sec

B2.10 Toes to Bar; rest 90 sec x 5 (Set of B1 then complete a set of B2 = 1 set total)


21-15-9 , 20” box step ups with 65lb. weight back racked; rest as needed between each

Cool Down: 400 m walk, 10-15 minutes hip, back and thigh stretching

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