Warm up: 
200 m run (once)
10 mins or 3 rounds:
10 air squats
10 walking lunges
10 situps
Back squat warm up: 15 bs with just the barbell, slow and controlled down; x2
Back squat; 5x@70, 5x@80, 3x@90; rest 2-3 min b/t sets


B1.10 Turkish get ups (5 each side); rest 20 sec

B2.10 Toes to Bar; rest 90 sec x 5 (Set of B1 then complete a set of B2 = 1 set total)


21-15-9 , 20” box step ups with 65lb. weight back racked; rest as needed between each

Cool Down: 400 m walk, 10-15 minutes hip, back and thigh stretching

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