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Running FAQS



Is this program for everyone (any fitness level)?

Yes, this program is for anyone at any fitness level as long as you don’t have any injuries and have some kind of base running level.


How is the program tailored to each individual?

The running paces are determined and set by your fitness level. Everyone runs at different paces based off of their fitness level, health, running capacity, etc… There are 5 paces, each pace is determined by YOU. LVL 1 is your slowest pace and LVL 5 is your fastest pace.


Do I have to complete every run?

No, but for best results we recommend that you complete at least the one endurance run and two speed runs each week.


What if I can’t complete the endurance runs or all of the intervals in the speed workouts?

It is ok if you can’t complete all of the miles for the long runs or all of the intervals during the speed days. This program is super flexible and can be scaled to you. If you can’t run 7 miles on the week that has a 7-mile run, then run what you can. If you can’t do every interval sprint, then don’t. You will still become a faster and stronger runner by doing the program to the best of your ability.


What if I have to take a week off for whatever reason?

If you have to miss a week, then start back where you left off. Don’t skip the week you missed. This program is progressive.


Can runs be performed on a treadmill?

If that’s all you have, absolutely.


Any other questions don’t hesitate to email us!!