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Advisors Direct Contact

Advisors Direct Contact

Green Eyed Devils

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Direct Access to Advisors specializing in:

  • Airforce Pararescue
  • Navy SWCC
  • Marine Force Recon
  • Navy Seal
  • 75th Ranger Regiment
  • 82nd and 101st ABN
  • Army 160th, SOAR
  • United States Coast Guard MSRT
  • Airforce Combat Controller (CCT)
  • Special Forces (Green Berets) 

Advisees get 10% off any selection fitness package and 20% off first apparel purchase. Promo codes available for download after checkout.

*Promo codes will be emailed with purchase of the 'advisors direct contact' product and may be entered at checkout of other products.

 *The advisors have to right to cease communications at anytime if the advisee asks questions deemed inappropriate, disrespectful, and/or irrelevant to selection and SOF preparations and careers.


*Access login page for Career Advising click here